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Lori_Lynn88 started this conversation
I am a 24 year old single mother..I work hard 40 hours a week..moved away from erie pennsylvania to galveston texas to give my 4 year old son a better life without violence or crime..his father is encarcirated for 12 years and I have been raising him on my own the past for years working very hard to give him a better life..I didn't come from a good home I was in fostercare and tossed around til I was 18...I'm very independant and determined..and don't like asking for help..with the money I do make its to keep a roof over our heads food in our mouths and clothes on our back and unfortunately cannot afford a car or luxuries of others...I have a GED and would love to attend college but am unable to do so because I don't have the proper transportation and the university I would like to attend is not located on the island and due to hurricane ike the transit system doesn't go off the island..I'm limitted with income but I strive to give my son the best life possible and would give an arm and leg to see him smile no matter the circumstance...I'm in galveston texas without any relatives or backup and support but I'm making it with the good graces that god has blessed me with..thank you for reading this.
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honor96   in reply to Lori_Lynn88
Oh, if you ever need anyone to talk to I'm a click away and my email is so you can email me anytime. I wished the best to your son because I know what it is like to grow up without a dad. I would like to be a friend to you and your son. Just remember that we go through the things we go through because God wants us to turn to him in time of need. God has said that you ask and you shall receive as long as you ask with good motives. I'm a 30 year old caring and loving person who loves to help out when I can but right now I can only be a friend.
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honor96   in reply to Lori_Lynn88
Thank you
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I think its great your such a hard worker, determined to raise your son well. Have you looked into online education? It requires a computer and thats about it..theres financial aid for it just like if you went to a traditional college..I got one of my degees from Unversity of Phoenix, they are very good. My husband went to University of Texas online which was also good. Look around and check out some online universities..then you can get your education without leaving home or having to worry about transportation. Best of luck to you and your son.
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Lori_Lynn88   in reply to honor96
And I will return the amazes me how society and the government are these days...thank you for taking the time to read...and good luck on becoming a certified dog trainer...may god bless you and give you the rewards you deserve :) god bless
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I wished I could help you but I will pray that God will bless and your son. I'm kind of in the same place as you are in terms of money and transportation. I'm trying to become a Certified Dog Trainer and to help my Community. We can pray for each other.
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